Fun new sewing tools!


My most recent make ventured into the territory of quilting. I didn’t make a full blown quilt (that’s crazy talk), but I did some dip my toe into the world of hand quilting. I don’t want to give anything away, as the gift most likely hasn’t been opened yet, but I do want to tell you about some fun new tools that I acquired for the job.

1072941First up is this chalk pen, made by Clover. I bought it at my local fabric shop, Mulberry Silks for $9.50. I used to use a chalk colored pencil that always seemed to be dull. This pen, though, consistently draws a thin grey line, thanks to a little revolving metal wheel, and shows up on lots of different colors. It gets faint after a while, but a nice shake gets it going again.

9620873This curved plastic tool is a Hera marker. I picked it up at Thimble Pleasures, the local quilting shop, for $6. I had never heard of this tool before the tutorial that I used to make the present, but it is pretty amazing. You run the curved edge (top left in the picture) along fabric like a knife and it creates a crease to form a temporary line. It’s an alternative to a chalk marking that doesn’t need to be washed out. It’s especially helpful for straight lines, when you can use a ruler as a guideline.

1077171The third new tool is a 1″ bias tape maker. I picked this up at Thimble Pleasures as well, for $7.75. I have another smaller bias tape maker for apparel, but this one is wider.  I think 1″ is a binding that is used on quilts, which is why I found it at a quilt shop. This tool makes binding making super simple. You feed a wide strip of fabric in the top end and pull it out the bottom, where it comes out folded like bias tape, and iron it in place. Certain friends of mine think this is an incredibly relaxing process. I’ll agree that it is pretty neat.

Well, there you have it. One of the best things about exploring new areas of a hobby is finding out all of the neat tools of the trade. These three tools made my last project so much easier. I’ll show it off soon!


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