Sewing for Puppy!


If you follow me on Instagram, or have been taking a close look at my photos here on the blog, you may have noticed that I recently adopted a puppy. She is now about 4 months old, and has already doubled in size since we’ve had her. Say hello to Zambi!

IMG_7290A local organization called Hope Animal Rescue rescued her after they found her living under a house with her brothers and sisters when she was about a month old. Then, she went to live at a foster home for about a month before we adopted her. She’s sweet as can be and loves belly rubs, going for long walks, and playing with other puppies. That sounds like a dating profile. Oops.

IMG_7285If there’s one thing I’ve learned through this experience, it’s that pet stuff is expensive. After taking her home, I quickly wondered what I could make for her. It didn’t take me too long to come up with two puppy projects.

IMG_7305The first is a dog treat/poop bag holder to clip on to the leash. It is inspired by a tutorial I found on Bits and Pieces. I made a few tweaks to the design. Instead of using a safety pin to attach the pouch to the leash, I added a snap in the back. I also opted to add a snap to the front to use in place of the suggested elastic closure. I thought that would be a little more secure than the elastic, and less likely to break over time. This little bag has ended up being super handy.  It’s snapped onto Zambi’s leash handle at all times, so we’re always prepared with a baggie.


I dreamt up the second project just in time for the fourth of July. She needed a patriotic bandana–of course! This was a last minute project, and I didn’t want to wing anything, so I used another online tutorial. This one came from Cut Out and Keep, another new-to-me blog. Zambi was almost 20 pounds on the fourth, and I wasn’t sure whether I should go with the small or medium sized bandana, so I made both. They came together super quickly, and the small ended up being a practice version for the medium, which ended up fitting. The nice thing about this pattern is that the bandana is reversible. One side is patriotic, and the other is Carolina blue with white polka dots. Both festive in their own ways. The bandana slides over the collar through a little channel at the top of the triangle, so I don’t have to worry about it falling off.

IMG_0452Zambi is officially outfitted with homemade goods now. I think the boyfriend is up next…after I make a few things for myself first. 😉

Pattern: Bits and Pieces dog treat bag tutorial and Cut Out and Keep bandana tutorial
Fabric: 1/4 yard of patriotic cotton and 1 fat quarter of polka dot cotton for the bandana, and stash fabric for the pouch
Cost: About $2
Time: 2 hours

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