Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Romper


Welcome to the second installment of my summer baby collection! This may be my favorite kids’ make yet.  It’s The Purl Bee’s Summer Romper for Kids, and I made it for my 2 1/2 year-old niece. 

Unlike my Badass Toddler Dress, this romper has no fastenings and no appliqués, just some quilting cotton and elastic. It came together without difficulty, thanks to this great pattern, complete with step-by-step photos guiding the process. This pattern has an incredible range of sizes, for kids from 2 to 11 years. I’ve always wondered how well patterns with that range of sizes work. Anyone have insight on that?

IMG_7312Regardless, I made this in size 3, and it came together wonderfully. Essentially, the pattern has you make shorts and a super simple top and then sew them together. The elastic waistband is completely enclosed, making for a very clean finish. I had never used this technique before, but, basically, you pin the top and bottom together like usual, but also include a strip of bias binding in the seam. This waistband ends up on the inside. It is top stitched closed, and then elastic is thread through it.  Easy peasy.


The same elastic is also used at the top of the romper, in the front and back, to create some cute little gathers. Speaking of cute, how adorable are the straps that tie in bows?  I think this is a nice feature, as it allows for some customization in fit. It is especially great for making clothes for children who live on the other end of the East Coast.


The yellow polka dotted fabric is a quilting cotton that my sister-in-law gave me. It was very easy to work with, as cottons tend to be. Making bias binding for the armholes, straps, and waistband was a cinch. I think it adds a nice touch that’s not found in most children’s clothing.


Now, Emilie just needs a preppy beach trip to show off her new look!

Pattern: The Purl Bee’s Summer Romper for Kids in size 3
Fabric: 1 yard of yellow polka dotted quilting cotton from my sister-in-law
Cost: Gifted fabric + free pattern = free!
Time: 2.5 hours

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