Grow-up pajamas


I spent last weekend at my mom’s. She likes to sew, but typically doesn’t make time for it, so I decided that we were going to have a sewing weekend.  As you can see, we made pajamas!

We went to Joann’s and took about an hour picking out a pattern that we were both interested in.  After much deliberation and searching through pattern books, we chose Kwiksew 4072. It has options for a chemise, cami, and pants, and is meant to be made out of knits. Then, we set out to find fabric. The knit section at the Joann’s near my mom’s actually far superior to that of my closest Joann’s, but, of course, it is still limited. We each picked out a couple of different options, and then headed to the lace section to find something that matched. The lace turned out to be the lowest common denominator.  Since this was both of our first times sewing with lace, we wanted to stick to the pattern’s recommendation for 1″ stretch lace trim.  After spending about 20 minutes in the lace section–it’s not that big, we were just being very thorough–the only stretch lace we could find was white. That limited our fabric options, but, fortunately, we each had a fabric that white would match.


That fabric shopping trip was exhausting.  We were only looking for fabric for one pre-determined project, but it took us hours. In the end, I came home with a polyester black and blue floral print, and my mom had a red, black, and white print that reminds me of a modern bandana. We went home and pre-washed the fabric while relaxing for the afternoon.

Having recovered from our shopping adventure, and armed with freshly washed fabric, lace, two types of elastic, and fresh ballpoint needles, we were finally ready to sew that evening.  My mom very kindly decided that my version would serve as our wearable muslin. So, I sewed mine up first and we tried it on to tweak the pattern to fit just right. I ended up taking about an inch out of the side seams of the top. I probably should have just made the extra-small top instead of the small. Fortunately, my mom and I are just about the same size, so we just went off of my fitting for both versions.

The top took longer to put together than I expected. It is pretty IMG_7173simple, but I got stuck in a few areas. This was my first time making a v-neck, and it was a struggle. I tried twice, both times ending up with little gathers at the tip of the v. My mom saved the day, as moms do, and lined everything up just right on her first try. The lace also took a some time to attach. It wasn’t hard, but there’s a lot of it. Once it was attached, the fabric had be trimmed away from behind it, which, again, wasn’t hard, but required a little patience and concentration. I ended up added lace to the bottom of the tank too, because I thought it would be easier than hemming.

I thought this pattern had a nice trick for the straps.  They use fold-over elastic, which is zig-zagged together.  This was a super easy way to make straps. You could even add a ring and adjustment band so that they are customizable. That would be great if you were making this up as a gift.

IMG_7393The bottoms came together really quickly. We each ended up turning the pants into shorts. It is summer, after all. While my mom was able to help me out with the v-neck, I was able to teach her a new way to apply an elastic waistband. Instead of doing a casing, like she was accustomed to, I taught her the technique I used on my leggings where you sew the elastic to the wrong side of the fabric with a zigzag stitch and then simply flip it down and sew it again.  This gave a really clean finish.

Well, there you have it.  I would recommend this pattern.  There’s nothing revolutionary, but it is a solid pattern for pretty basic pajamas.

Pattern: Kwiksew 4072 in size small
Fabric: 1.5 yards of polyester from Joann Fabrics
Notions: 3 yards stretch elastic, 1 yard fold-over elastic, 1 yard 3/4″ elastic
Cost: unknown
Time: 6 hours

5 thoughts on “Grow-up pajamas

  1. Eileen Schamel+

    Cute PJs Renee. I would think they would have been easy for you after the other things you made this past year. I see you are taking the easy way out with a lot of it.


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