Me Made May 2015: Week 5 and Wrap Up


It’s official. Me Made May 2015 is over.  No more daily pictures of myself. Phewf. First up, here’s what I wore for the remaining couple of days in the month.

11373803_1636913016538247_912099466_nFriday, May 29, working on campus in my black and white Moneta dress. One of my professors asked me if I was dressed up to celebrate it being Friday. In reality, I just wanted to be comfortable, and nothing beats a knit dress.

11259921_905212922873403_80037176_nSaturday, May 30, spent running errands and relaxing, like any good Saturday, in my blue plantain.

11363711_1447223738928406_183017290_nSunday, May 31, spent hanging out with foster puppies in my teal floral plantain and Banana Republic shorts.

I successfully completed one of my two goals for the month. I wore something me-made every day, but did not manage to wear a completely me-made outfit every week. It was just too much of a hassle to come up with a combination that was 1) layered enough for my everyday life of moving in and out of buildings, 2) 100% made by me, and 3) at least somewhat coordinated. I gave up on that goal pretty early in, and didn’t feel guilty about it.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.30.32 PM

Of the garments I made and wore this month, I wore dresses more than any other type of garment. That’s really no surprise, as I tend to wear dresses quite a bit.  Following dresses, skirts and tops were tied, each composing 21% of the me-made items I wore this month.  A number of garments were repeated at least over the month, but there were just three garments that I repeated more than two times: my short-sleeved pink Julia Cardigan, and my blue Go Anywhere Dress were each worn three times.  My floral scarf took the cake though, and was worn five times. A blogpost on it should be posted later this week.

A few me-made garments never got worn. There are also some that got worn, but that I didn’t feel super comfortable in. These have moved on to a giveaway pile. I plan to offer them up to my mom and a similarly-sized friend before donating them, but either way they’ll have new homes soon.

Screen Shot 2015-05-31 at 8.30.39 PM

On the sewing front, I learned that I wear my clothes made from independent patterns way more than my big 4 clothes. That may just be a manifestation of the large proportion of my clothes made from independent patterns, but I think they also tend to fit better.

So, I think that just about does it!  Participating this year was much easier than last year.  I have more clothes to choose from, and my lifestyle is more casual, so more of then are appropriate more days of the week. I really look forward to Me Made May every year, and this month didn’t disappoint!

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