Me Made May 2015: Week 4


Just a few days left in Me Made May! I decided to keep this post to a week, so next week there will be just a few more days worth of pictures and then some summary stats.  My inner nerd just can’t resist.

11267823_902029613194044_1321155973_nFriday, May 22, out to dinner on the water.  I had to pose with my home state’s flag. I’m wearing my blue Go Anywhere dress, with a JCrew cardigan, and me-made scarf.

11374502_1593484527566638_137824511_nSaturday, May 23, a very exciting day of helping my brother move in my floral Plantain tee, Gap jeans, and Old Navy cardigan.

11376396_976585109028466_499667367_nSunday, May 24, dressed for comfort driving back home in my Julia Cardigan, Target tee, Gap jeans, and me-made scarf.

11330808_900817476652727_887452419_nMonday, May 25, back home, running errands and recovering from the trip (I guess I’m 80 years old now…) in my Simplicity 2226 skirt (pre-blog) and H&M shirt.

11372512_701955933259535_1394416804_nTuesday, May 26, back to reality AKA school and work, in my floral pencil skirt, Express cami, and JCrew cardigan.

11335076_921196071236558_1578112698_nWednesday, May 27, a busy day of work, errands, and volunteering in a Banana Republic Dress and Julia Cardigan.

11374452_693890227424077_223914850_nThursday, May 28, spent on campus in my chambray Tilly and The Buttons Miette skirt, and Gap tank.

Alright, I think that’s it for today.  I don’t want to bore you with too many words; my reflection on the month, complete with charts will be posted next week!

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