Me Made May 2015: Week 3


Three weeks down, one to go. Here’s what I wore last week. My photographer is getting tired of Me Made May (I don’t blame him, I don’t like taking pictures of myself everyday either), and was sick, so the pics aren’t all that. You can click on the links, though, to see better pictures of each me-made garment. 

11142861_579707008799644_1332270432_nFriday, May 15, spent at school in my houndstooth Coco, JCrew cardigan, and me-made circle scarf.

11259978_1598378400412090_1589914615_nSaturday, May 16, a relaxing but very hot day in my chambray Simplicity 1688 dress.

11313777_945833308802528_1117676765_nSunday, May 17, spent at a grilling class. I’ve been on the fence about this Moneta dress, but I think it’s got to go. There’s nothing terrible about it, but I think the bodice is too long, and the curve of the stripes at the waist bothers me.


Monday, May 18, spent at work and running errands in my floral NewLook 0180. I should listen to my dad and stand up straighter. I always forget how comfortable this dress is until I wear it. I should do so more often.


Tuesday, May 19, working from home in my NewLook 0116 mushroom skirt and Express button-down.

11335498_1600809643522435_790606324_nWednesday, May 20, road-tripping after work in my Archer button-down and Gap jeans with me-made circle scarf.

11355181_853204488095621_296104231_nThursday, May 21 at my littlest brothers’ college graduation in the 50 degree rain.  Not pictured: sweater, fleece, raincoat, and poncho. I wore my second version of NewLook 0180. Blog post coming soon!

This week, I started to recognize some patterns about what I wear.  I’ve been into blue, white, and coral lately, with some floral prints thrown in as well. I also realized that I’m all about dresses. When I’m not wearing a dress, I’m more than likely in a white button-down. With the exception of my cardigans, my me-made shirts are getting very little play.  I also tend to wear my NewLook clothes more than my other clothes from Big 4 patterns.  Next time I go pattern shopping, I’ll keep this in mind and start there. Just one week left, then back to your regularly scheduled programming…

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