Me Made May 2015: Week 2


Can you believe we’re already halfway through May? Summer is flying by, and it hasn’t even officially started yet.  Here’s what I wore for Me Made May this week.

11208116_815734438508490_1614971091_nFriday, May 8, grad school happy hour in a Gap dress and white Archer button-down.  I learned that I can ride a bike in this outfit!


Saturday, May 9, spent relaxing and sewing at home. The big adventure of the day was going out for ice-cream in this H&M shirt and chambray Tilly and The Buttons Miette skirt.


Sunday, May 10, attending my cousin’s graduation at UNC in a Banana Republic top, JCrew cardigan, and me-made floral pencil skirt.  My hair looks crazy, but I did get a little rained on.


Monday, May 11, grilling after work in a Plantain tee


Tuesday, May 12, spent working in my favorite Express button-down and one of my very first skirts, made from NewLook 0116 (pre-blog)


And the images get more and more flattering.  Here’s Wednesday, May 13, spent working from home and attempting to work out (long story). I’m wearing my Julia Cardigan over yoga pants from Target and a tank top from who knows where.

11260814_1038417499519285_908454421_nThursday, May 14th, working and concert-going in my favorite Go Anywhere Dress and new scarf (still to be blogged)

Well, I had my first repeats of the month: my favorite Go Anywhere dress and a new springy scarf. I have no problem with that, considering that they are comfortable and make me feel good. I even walked for an hour in them because I was too impatient for the bus. Still haven’t quite adjusted to not living in a city with great public transportation.

Me Made May has been a lot easier this year than last. I think there are two reasons for that: I am not working in an office requiring business casual 5 days a week; and I have a lot more me-made clothes!

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