Floral Pencil Skirt


When I’m planning a sewing project, or sometimes even after it’s completed, I’ll think, “If I saw this in a store, would I want to try it on?”  Sometimes the answer is no. Sometimes the things I want to make are not necessarily what I envision myself wearing. Or maybe they are what I envision myself wearing, but not what I actually wear. There can be a difference.

IMG_6856I would definitely try this skirt on if I saw it in a store. I love pencil skirts, and two of mine from college have gotten too big.  Also, floral pencil skirts are all the rage…on Pinterest at least. I’ve been avoiding clothes shopping this year, so I can’t really say what’s all the rage in stores.

IMG_6888I won this skirt pattern by Simple Sews in a giveaway by Alice of Queen of Darts. It has two options: the Tie Skirt, which has a bow in the back, or the Wiggle Skirt, which I made. The instructions are pretty brief. If I were a complete noob, I would have had some trouble. Even with my experience, I got confused by step 7, which is crating the slit in the back of the skirt. It seemed like a cop-out to have a giant line of stitching across the back of the skirt so I followed A Fashionable Stitch’s tutorial on creating a back vent instead.

IMG_6860I made a size 8 and had to make a few tweaks to the fit. First I hacked about 5 inches off of the skirt. It started out a nice midi length, but I think that midi skirts only look good when worn with heels. Considering I can’t wear heels anymore (due to a running injury), that extra length had to go. I also had to take some volume out of the hip region, increasing the seam allowances by up to 1/2 inch in some places.

All in all, the skirt came together pretty quickly. I finished all seams on my serger, but tacked downs the waistband facing and hem by hand. I worked on it for a few hours a couple of nights after school, and finished it in about a week. Can you say finals stress reliever? My only complaint is that it has a straight waistband rather than a curved one, so it gapes a little at the top.


The fabric was bought on a whim one evening at JoAnn’s. I had a little floral shopping spree that day. There are two more floral projects in the works. More on that later. This fabric is a cotton sateen with a little bit of stretch in it.  Originally, I had intended to make a Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt with it, but there were less than 2 yards of fabric left on the bolt, and plans had to change. I’m glad that I ended up with a pencil skirt, though, because it passes the “would I try this on?” test, whereas I’m not sure the Hollyburn would have.

IMG_6916I’m excited to integrate this skirt into my wardrobe. It should work well for work with a button-up, or more casually with a stripped tee, a la Pinterest. Check this space to see how I wear it during Me Made May!


Pattern: Two-in-One Skirt Collection by Simple Sews in size 8
Fabric: 1.97 yards of floral cotton sateen from Joann Fabrics
Cost: $17.73 fabric + $2.70 invisible zipper + free pattern = $20.43
Time: 5 hours

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