Sewing Basics in Preparation for Me Made May


May is right around the corner and should be a very exciting month for me.  First, it signifies the end of my first year of grad school.  Yay!  It will be nice to have a brief respite from paper writing and journal article reading. Second, it’s Me Made May! This year will be my second year participating in Me Made May–a month when sewers challenge themselves to wear their handmade wardrobe more–and I wanted to up the ante a little bit. Here’s my pledge.

 ‘I, Renee of Me Made Makes, sign up as a participant of Me Made May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one article of me-made clothing each day with at least one completely me-made outfit each week for the duration of May 2015’

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 11.47.13

Just like last year, I plan on taking daily photos and posting them to Instagram.  I’ll post weekly roundups here on the blog.

IMG_6765With Me Made May coming up, I thought it would be a good idea to make some basics.  Some basics are so basic that they probably won’t make it on the blog, but I started with this black and white Plantain tee. This is the sixth time I’ve made this pattern–that’s got to be a record for me. You can see my earlier versions here, here, here, and here, or in the picture above.


This fabric came from the remnant bin at Joann’s a few months ago, without a plan in mind.  It was just enough to eek out this t-shirt. I barely had enough for sleeves. There may have been some creative cutting. I considered making it sleeveless, but I’ve only finished arm holes in a knit once before, and it was not super successful.  That may be an interesting summer experiment.


This shirt is nice a versatile.  I’ve already worn it on two separate occasions: once with my red skinny pants and the other time with jeans, a la these pictures.  I bet I can find a skirt in the closet that it will match too. It seems like I’ve been making a lot of black and white garments lately.  One plus of that is surely an easy to mix-and-match wardrobe.  Don’t worry, I’m not stuck in a black and white rut, though.  I just bought four (4!) different floral fabrics over the weekend to spice things up.


Pattern: Plantain by Deer and Doe
Fabric: 0.97 yards of black and white mystery-content knit remnant from Joann Fabrics
Cost: $4.63
Time: 2 hours

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