Braided Toddler Dress


The dress started the same way many projects start…on Pinterest.  I was browsing along, and came across a picture of The Girl Creative’s Braided Little Girl’s Dress.  It caught my eye, as I was looking for a toddler pattern to make something for my niece.

IMG_6724What really caught my attention, though, was the the braided detail on this dress. It looks complex, but the pattern has clear instructions on how to do the interwoven braid section.  I’ve never been very good at fancy braids–never learned how to French braid hair–but this came together pretty easily. That’s what roommates are for, right?


I did struggle making the three rolls of fabric to braid together, and ended up using a line of stitches to secure the tubes together.  In the instructions, the fabric is simply rolled. Speaking of fabric, this might look familiar. It was originally a thrifted sheet, and I’ve now made three garments out of it. First I used it to make a failure of a dress for myself.  The dress was so awful that I hacked off the bodice and converted it into a skirt. I’ll give you a peek of that soon. I also made a baby pinafore out of the fabric.

It’s hard to fit a dress to a girl that’s over 700 miles away. I did my best to imagine the shape of a toddler while attaching the straps to the back of the dress. It looks a little big on her now, but I’m going to think of that as a success.  It’s just now turning to spring in Boston, so  hopefully she’ll be able to wear it for a while! Apparently when she put it on, Little Miss Emilie said she was a princess going on a business trip. Always on the go!


Pattern: The Girl Creative’s Braided Little Girl’s Dress
Fabric: Thrifted floral sheet remnant from my stash
Cost: Free
Time: 3 hours

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