Spring Graduation Dress Inspiration


Moving right along from one special event dress to another… My littlest brother graduates from college in May.  I can’t believe that we’ll all have graduated this year.  I’m sure my dad can’t wait.

unnamedSince the graduation falls during Me-Made-May, I am set on making a dress for the occasion. I want to try something a little different, and work with a border print for the first time.  I want something floral and fresh.  The graduation is outdoors, and notoriously hot and humid, so something lightweight and natural fiber is a must. They are surprisingly difficult to find online. I managed to find this gorgeous floral border print on Ebay from Purple Dream Designer and bought the remaining 3 yards.  That should be enough to make a nice dress.

The question is, what pattern should I use? I want to play around the the border print, and use it either for the bodice and around the hem of the dress, like this dress, or centered around a waist seam and flowing up and down from there like Mika did on her Chantilly. The first option would help in my paleness v white dress battle. The second option may have a more figure flattering effect. Either way, that means I need a dress with a waist seam.  I’m currently thinking about three different patterns:


By Hand London’s Flora Source: http://byhandlondon.com/products/flora-dress






Right now I’m leaning towards McCall’s 7117.  It looks like the most difficult of the three, but also the most interesting.  I’m not sure an interesting pattern is necessary for a dress where I’m playing around with print, though. The two wrap dresses also seem more loose fitting and may be more suitable for sitting on bleachers and sweating.  If you have thoughts, or experience with any of these patterns, I’d love to hear them!

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