Coco LBD


There have been a number of LBD posts popping up on the blogosphere lately. Suzannah of Create/Enjoy showed off her lace overlay shift dress on Monday. This morning, Margo of Creating in the Gap posted her ruffled LBD. Now it’s my turn with a black version Tilly and the Button’s Coco.

IMG_5936This dress came together very quickly. I bought the fabric one evening after school, washed it the next night, cut it out the next morning, and assembled it that afternoon. It came together so much more easily than my first version. My skills have definitely improved over the past year or so.

This Coco is a little different from my last.  First, I sized down from a size 3 to a size 2. The pattern pieces were already put together and cut out, so I just needed to trim the down a size. Easy peasy. I didn’t get any smaller in the past year (that I know of!), but I ended up taking in the side seams a lot the last time, so I figured I’d take care of that at the beginning.  I also included the funnel neck and cuffs on the sleeves this time. I still sewed it entirely on my sewing machine, though. The longest part of the whole dress-making process was probably hand tacking down the cuffs and neckline.  Totally optional, but now there shouldn’t be any fussing with my dress while I’m wearing it.

IMG_5925The fabric is a black ponte de roma from Joann’s. I shopped around online to see where I could find the best value on a standard ponte, but it’s really hard to tell quality from online pictures, so I ended up just picking this up locally.

This dress initially had long sleeves. Once the side seams were together and I tried it on, though, my first thought was “funeral.” I was going for classy little black dress, not funeral attire. To combat this negative vibe, I shortened the sleeves to lighten things up a little.  Still, I figure I’ll always have to wear this with some kind of colorful cardigan and/or tights in the future.

I think this dress is super comfy and versatile.  Brandon doesn’t think it’s very flattering, but I’m not sure that he’s right. It’s definitely not my normal sheath silhouette, but Coco is still strategically shaped inward at the waist and drapes nicely over curves. After my first day of wearing it to school and work, I’m not as skeptical about it as my face in the first picture would make you think, but I’m not 100% convinced it’s perfect either.

Fabric: 1.25 yards of black ponte de roma (cotton, poly, rayon blend) from Joann’s
Cost: 2.25 yards @ $7.79/yard – student discount = $16.96
Time: 5 hours

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