Manly Lunch Box


I try to be as environmentally friendly as possible.  That’s part of the reason I sew.  At home, we don’t use paper napkins or paper towels, but instead use fabric napkins and reusable paper towels that I made a while ago. Part of our being green involves using reusable lunch bags rather than brown paper bags once and then tossing them.

IMG_5641My boyfriend requested that I make him a new lunch bog, as his old one wasn’t keeping up with his appetite.  I started with a google search for a decently sized free pattern and ended up using Haberman Fabric’s Fashion Diva’s Lunch Bag and Clutch Purse.  Despite the elaborate name, this is a simple lunch box that resembles the design of a brown paper bag.

Continuing on the green theme, I made the bag out of faux leather scraps that my mom left at my apartment after making a Christmas present, and took advantage of the accompanying heavy-duty thread that was also left over. I used a longer stitch length to help my machine power through the many layers.

IMG_5613In terms of modifications, I added a lining so that it can be wiped out in case of spills.  When I tried to attach the lining as the instructions suggested to finish the top edge, my machine was not happy.  Instead of dealing with that tangled mess of threads, I hand-stitched the lining to the outer fabric. I pretty much made up the decorative stitch as I went.  The corners were quite challenging, as I was going through a lot of layers.  The finish isn’t perfect, but overall I think it adds to the manliness. I also skipped the velcro, opting for a bag without any closures.

Brandon has been using the lunch box for a few weeks now, and reports that it works well, and, for what it’s worth, the leather gets very cold in the fridge.


Fabric: Faux leather scraps from Joann’s
Cost: Free
Time: ~2 hours

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