Textured Blue Go Anywhere Dress


Last month, Amanda of Bimble and Pimple hosted a sewing-focused Instagram month with hashtag #bpsewvember. For day 8, she asked us to post pictures of our signature style. I posted pictures of dresses layered with sweaters, tights, and boots, seeing how that is what I really like to wear.  Only problem is, I don’t actually wear that combination very often because I don’t have that many layerable dresses.  In comes this make….

I was trying out a new patteIMG_5528rn company—Sewn Square One—for the first time, and wasn’t sure which size would fit me best, so I set out to make a wearable muslin.  Being my careful self, I decided to go with size small, which fit my measurements, despite feeling dubious because of the associated store-bought sizing recommendation.  My doubts were right, because the fit right off-the-bat was awful.  My boyfriend told me I looked like I was wearing a smock.
Fortunately, due to the princess seams on this dress, it was easy to take in, and take it in I did, by a considerable amount.  Unfortunately, this fabric frays like crazy and my seam allowances in parts are over an inch wide so that I could keep my original edge finishes.  Not that they’re doing a lot of good, though.  It is a hairy mess on the inside despite zigzagging all pieces before I sewed them together.
That’s okay, though, because I GOT A SERGER!  I’m so excited about this. I’ve wanted a serger for a while, but never felt ready to commit to the investment. Luckily for me, my boyfriend’s mom decided to pass hers on to me. I can finally sew and finish seams in one fell swoop. Pretty seam finishes!  No more fraying! I’m totally nerding out over here.
Speaking of nerding out, I just finished the first semester of my PhD program, and I have about a month off before classes start up again. You know what that means?  Lots of time for sewing!  And learning how to use my new serger!
Okay, back to the dress.  Despite its hideous insides, I love it. I think it’s super flattering, and works well with a variety of cardigan/tights/boots/scarf combinations.  Just what I was going for. I’m not sure how long the dress will last due to its fraying tendencies, but I will love it until it falls apart. I’ve already worn it at least once a week since I’ve made it.
The next version—a sleeveless variety in a large-patterned upholstery fabric—is already on my sewing table ready to be cut out. I’ll be sure to cut a smaller size this time around. 😉
Fabric: 2 yards of textured blue polyester from Hancock Fabrics
Cost: $2.96 for fabric + $2.49 zipper  = $5.45 ($17.45 if you include the pattern)
Time: ~8 hours

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