The Best and Worst of 2014


Top 5 of 2014

Can you believe this year is almost over? A year ago I was working full-time, living in DC, and didn’t even have a sewing blog.  Now, I’m a grad student in small-town North Carolina where there is no quality Thai food, and just  revamped my blog.  Anyways, this post, inspired by Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow, is all about 2014.  The best and the worst. Do you want to start with the good news or the bad news?  I vote good news. Continue reading

Textured Blue Go Anywhere Dress


Last month, Amanda of Bimble and Pimple hosted a sewing-focused Instagram month with hashtag #bpsewvember. For day 8, she asked us to post pictures of our signature style. I posted pictures of dresses layered with sweaters, tights, and boots, seeing how that is what I really like to wear.  Only problem is, I don’t actually wear that combination very often because I don’t have that many layerable dresses.  In comes this make….

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