Thanksgiving Napkins


Now that we’re officially in Thanksgiving week, I think it’s appropriate to unveil my completed Thanksgiving napkins. Who am I kidding, I just finished these this weekend.


I bought both the turkey fabric and the red backing from the remnant bin at Joann’s. I was thinking about buying some other fabric at the time, but the cutting line looked like it would take about an hour to wait out. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

These napkins are super simple. I just cut squares out from the two fabrics and sewed around the edges right sides together. Then, I flipped them right side out, poked out the corners using a chopstick, pressed, and topstitched around to seal the edges. Easy peasy.


Because I was working with just 1/4 yard of the turkey fabric, these napkins are a little on the small side. They would be great for dessert, or a kid’s table. I also was only able to eek out 5 napkins. Who needs that sixth one anyways?


This has got to be my cheapest make to date. I already had red thread, and the fabrics cost me just $1.31, so these came out to 26 cents a piece. These would cost about 10 times as much in the store. Yay sewing!

Pattern: n/a
Fabric: Cotton turkey print and red mystery fabric from Joann’s
Cost: $0.60 1/4 yard turkey fabric + $0.71 1/4 yard red backing = $1.31 ($0.26 per napkin)
Time: 1 hour

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