Black and White Bird Circle Scarf


Back in July I bought a remnant of black and white poly crepe with a bird pattern from Joann’s.  It was just over half a yard for under two dollars, so I couldn’t resist.  I didn’t have any specific plans for it, but thought that I could put it to use one way or another.

IMG_2431This afternoon I ended up making a circle scarf out of it.  The tutorial I found online called for 2 yards of fabric, but that sounded absurd to me.  A quick drape test made me confident that I would have enough for a proper scarf. There’s not much to say about construction for a circle scarf. It’s basically a tube with the ends sewn together. This tutorial gives pretty detailed instructions on how to connect the two ends.

My boyfriend has a temporary job as a school photographer.  I wanted to take my best impression of a school portrait today.  Here you go.


And here’s what happened immediately after.


I think this will be a nice transition piece for Fall.  It’s not too warm (obviously), which is okay when it’s still 75 degrees out, but it does make an outfit feel more suitable for the Fall.

Pattern: n/a
Fabric: Black and white crepe remnant from Joann’s
Cost: .625 yards of fabric @ 4.99/yard  + 50% off = $1.56
Time: 20 minutes

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