Sleeveless Striped Moneta


At the same time that I bought the fabric for my fourth and fifth plantain tees, I also bought some striped fabric with the idea of making another Moneta. When I bought this fabric, I thought that it was navy blue and white.  It turns out that it’s black and white.  I have a ton of black and white dresses already (see my other Moneta here and my b/w Coco here, plus a bunch of other pre-blog or RTW dresses), but what’s the harm in one more?

This fabric was also on the clearance rack, at $2.98 a yard, my kind of price.  I had no issues with the fabric for my plantains, but with the striped fabric, it became clear why it was on the clearance rack. The texture of the fabric is uneven.  In some parts it is quite stable and thick.  In others, it is more thin and fluid.  Of course, I didn’t totally figure this out until after my pattern pieces were cut out and I was assembling them.  The front and back of the bodice refused to line up.  One side of the fabric ended up being stretchier than the other, making them a little incompatible with each other. My plan for perfectly matching stripes was foiled.  Fortunately, the rest of the dress turned out just fine.

The stripes are a little wavy where the bodice and skirt line up.  I think that’s just from not being super careful to line things up when stitching the two together with clear elastic.  This was only my second time using clear elastic, so I’m hoping practice makes perfect there!

I made a few changes from my first Moneta.  I used view A this time, which includes a sleeveless lined bodice and a collar.  The collar I chose was not from the original pattern, but from Colette’s collar expansion pack (so that’s not what they called it, but from my Sims days, that’s what makes sense to me).  Although it wasn’t in the instructions, I stitched the collar down at the shoulder seams so it can’t have a life of its own. I also omitted the pockets from this version, since they seemed pretty useless in my first version, and shortened the hem by 1.5″ (less than on my first Moneta).

This dressed turned out slightly nautical, which I wasn’t intending, but I have no problem with that, whatsoever. I love how different this dress looks from my first Moneta, even though it is also black and white. I’ve already worn this dress multiple special occasions: first, out to dinner on my birthday, and then to my first day of grad school class.  Now it feels weird to wear it on a normal day.

Fabric: Black and white striped mystery knit
Cost: 2 yards of fabric @ 2.98/yard + thread and clear elastic from stash = $5.96
Time: Cut out in 1 day, assembled on day 2

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