Plantains #4 & 5

Nothing says summer like shorts and a t-shirt.   After these two makes, I’m proud to say that I now own–and wear–more me-made tees than store-bought tees!

If this pattern looks familiar  that’s because it should!  These are my fourth and fifth Plantain tees. You can check out my previous Plantains herehere, and here.  At this point, it is definitely my most-made pattern.  I’d say it was a great investment, but the pattern was free!

Since I’m now a veteran at this pattern, I made a few upgrades this time. First, inspired by the directions for Colette’s Moneta, I used clear elastic to stabilize the shoulder seams.  I haven’t had a problem with the shoulders on my previous versions stretching out, but I wanted to give this new technique a try.

I also graded the seam allowances from 5/8″ to 1/4″ in the armpit region. This reduced the pulling under the arms that happened on my previous versions.  It wasn’t super obvious, but why not improve the fit when you’re making your own clothes!?

Finally, I used a twin needle to hem the sleeves and body of the shirt.  In my previous versions, I used a plain ‘ol straight stitch. Inspired by my newfound confidence with the twin needle from the Moneta, I upped the ante a little bit with these shirts.

I was feeling so confident that I attempted to use the twin needle to top stitch around the neckline on the floral version, but that was a hot mess.  My first attempt at twin needle top stitching a neckline should not have been in a contract color. I ended up unpicking the neckline and redoing it with a single stitch.

I’m stupid proud of the topstitching around the neckline on the blue version, though.  Without a serger, I think that’s about as professional a homemade tee can get.

I think it’s obvious that I really like making my own tee shirts.  I can now officially make a Plantain without referring to the instructions.  What’s even better is how cheap these shirts were to make: under $3 each, thanks to the clearance rack at G Street Fabrics!  Sometimes it really is more economical to make your own clothes.

Pattern: Plantain by Deer and Doe
Fabric: Clearance knits from G Street Fabrics
Cost: 2 X (1 yard at $2.97/yard + clear elastic and thread from stash) = $2.97 each
Time: 2(ish) hours each

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