Hi-Low Skirt (McCall’s 6076)

Both this fabric and this pattern were impulse purchases (surprise!) made on separate occasions.  It took me a long time to be brave enough to pair them together, though.

IMG_2175One day JoAnn’s was having a McCall’s patterns, which happens to be my favorite of the Big 4.  Of course I couldn’t resist, and I picked this one up for just $1.40. Originally I had planned to make either view B or C with stripes. That still might be a possibility for the future.
The fabric is a muted green floral rayon challis–my first rayon challis. I’ve been reading about it on the blogosphere and was excited to try it out for myself.  This particular fabric is a little thin, so I had a hard time deciding whether it should become a shirt or a skirt.  In the end, a skirt won out.  The fabric on the pattern envelope is also a green floral, so I might have subconsciously wanted to recreate it.
IMG_2165Construction-wise, this skirt is very straightforward. There are just three pattern pieces: front, back, and waistband. The pleats on this skirt took me forever and a minute to put together, though.  Since it was my first time making box pleats, I very diligently followed directions, basting each pleat down. Looking back, this might have been unnecessary.  There are little holes in the fabric now where the basting was, but I doubt anyone else would ever notice.
Other than the pleats, the skirt came together pretty easily. IMG_9426Once the pleats were done I just attached the waistband and was basically done.  Except for the hem of course.  That took a while. Again, I decided to do a thorough job and did it by hand. I ended up making the hi-low hem a little less mullety and cut about 3 inches off of the length in the back. Speaking of a thorough job, this is definitely my best hook and eye installation to date.  I’m a little proud.
I had high expectations for this skirt, and hope it will become a regular in my wardrobe rotation. I had a blue pleated skirt with birds on flowers on it since high school that sadly became too big and was donated a few months ago.  I’m hoping that this skirt will replace that old favorite.  I think it will transition well from summer to fall.  I can’t wait to wear it with boots! Plus, it’s got great movement.  Check it out.

Pattern: McCall’s 6076, View C, size 8
Cost: 2 yards of fabric @ $6.50/yard + interfacing from my stash + a zipper from my stash = $13 ($14.40 if you include the pattern)
Time: 6 hours

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