Blue Belcarra #2

I needed another Belcarra in my wardrobe.  It’s dressier than a t-shirt, but just as versatile and comfortable.  So, off I went to Joann’s to find some appropriate fabric.  Pickings were slim, as usual, and I ended up with this mystery blue fabric with very small textured dots.  I thought it would be great for a summery top since it is quite thin.

When I brought the fabric home, though, I started second guessing my fabric/pattern combination.  It looked a little…scrubby. The bright blue, the papery texture (that’s what I imagine scrubs feel like), the boxy shape…. As I started sewing the pieces together, it looked more and more like scrubs.  I tried the shirt on a few times in the process, and it looked like I was ready to perform surgery.  It wasn’t looking promising, but I was committed.

Since I’d made this pattern before, I decided to step my finishes up a notch and used French seams throughout the garment.  There is not a single raw seam. The pics above are of the shirt inside out, actually.  Check out those beautiful seams!

Fortunately, the top doesn’t look too scrubby after all. Despite the very different fabrics, this version fits quits similarly to my first. I’m not sure how, but I also managed to make the cuffs lay smoothly this time and not stick out like on my first version. Success!

After all of my hesitation,  I think this is a successful make.  I probably don’t need another blue Belcarra in my life, but two is not too many. If I make another, I think I’ll try a solid colored version with tucks to really show them off.

Fabric: Blue textured mystery fabric from Joann’s
Cost: 1.5 yards of fabric @ $??/yard = $??
Time: Approximately 4 hours

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