Blue Belcarra Blouse

Me Made May helped me realize that I need some more versatile shirts in my wardrobe.  Shirts that are appropriate to wear to work now, but will also be appropriate to wear to grad school in the fall.  I think this fits the bill. It is the latest pattern from Sewaholic Patterns, the Belcarra Blouse.  It’s a loose fitting shirt, with just enough shape.

I made it up in some blue and white polyester from Joann’s.  The pattern is very versatile though, and can be made in just about any fabric.  I think there will be some more of these in my future.


I made the version with tucks on the front sleeves and sleeve bands (rather than cuffs).  I did not add on the pocket. This fabric did not press well, so my tucks did not want to cooperate.  I think they turned out okay though, considering. My only complaint would be that the sleeve bands want to stick out away from the shirt.  I’m not sure why that is happening.  If you have any insight, I’d love to hear it!


I’ve already worn this shirt to work a few times.  I realized I have a RTW blue and white polyester shirt in a similar print.  Apparently I have a thing for blue and white printed shirts… Don’t worry, I don’t have any more in the queue.

Fabric: Polyester print from Joann’s
Cost: 1.5 yards of fabric @ $8/yard = $12 ($21 if you count the cost of the pattern)
Time: Approximately 4 hours

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