Baby Pinafores


This weekend I finished the 3 baby dresses I mentioned in my What I’m Working on Wednesday post. These dresses came together quite quickly, as each is just 3 pieces for the inside and an identical 3 for the outside.  It didn’t hurt that I’ve used this pattern before, either.

IMG_2814I made these assembly-line style.  First I cut out all of the fabric, then I put them all together, then I put in all of the buttonholes, assembled the buttons, and sewed them on (while watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics).

Each dress, or pinafore, has an interior fabric that complements the exterior. I was fortunate enough to have some cute and baby-appropriate fabrics in my stash to use for most of the dresses. The purple gingham below was in my stash.  I have no clue where it came from.  The interior blue floral fabric came from a vintage pillowcase.

The pink floral fabric here was leftover from a dress that I started in the IMG_2884summer.  It’s hanging in my closet 90% finished. I think the print is adorable for a little dress, but am not so sure about how it looks on me.  Maybe I’ll share more on that later.

This orange printed fabric is leftover from a dress that I finished over Thanksgiving and absolutely love.  It is springy, so I haven’t worn it out in public yet, but am looking forward to the opportunity to do so!

IMG_2860And there you have it. I am back to making full-size clothing now and promise that my next make will have a picture of a real person wearing it.

Pattern: Smashed Peas and Carrot’s Little Girl’s Crossover Pinafore
Fabric: Various cottons
Cost: About $5 (mostly for the buttons)
Time: 1 week of sewing after work

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